Sunday, November 13, 2011

The School Days Have Begun...

This year Ashton started pre-school. He has had so much fun and had learned so much. He truly is growing up way to fast. He has learned to count and his vocabulary has greatly increased. The stories that he tells are funny and full of imagination. I miss my baby but he really is a lot of fun.

Ashton's 4th Birthday

Well the day has come and gone. Ashton is officially 4 years old. He is my monster. For his cake he told me he wanted a dinosaur-superman cake. It took some thinking but I pulled it off.

He had so much fun for his birthday and he posed for every picture after opening each gift. His favorites are his bumblebee car and the iron man blanket from grandma.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Day at the Pool 2011

Yesterday we ventured out to the local pool for the first time for the year. We had a lot of fun. Ashton even figured out it would be fun to try dunking mommy! However, he never succeeded but he got close. He also had times that he decided to ride on mommy's back instead of walking through the pool himself. Man that was a workout! That is an extra 40lbs that I was moving through the water! It was a lot of fun though. We also had Aunt Rachael (married to Brent's brother) with her little boy Urban and Grandma Bradshaw join us. The boys played so well together. Aunt Rachael even took them down the slide! Boy they enjoyed that. Thanks to my friend we have pictures to share the wonderful day with everyone.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ashton and Callie

Ashton and Callie had so much fun getting to know each other today. They are cute and Callie is a big little girl. She is only 2 and Ashton is 3. Their birthdays are pretty close so they are almost a year apart. They got to run up and down the hill at the Logan temple. We then took them to a local park where they were able to play and have all kinds of fun. It was such a great day!

My Sister

Today was a great day. My sister came to see us with her little girl. Ashton and Callie made great friends. We went up to the Logan Temple and took some pictures and then went to a local park and let the kids run and play. It was a great day being able to see them and get to know them better.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How could I forget Ashton?

So I provide a quick update but some how leave out did I manage that?

So Ashton is growing and striving. He has become quite the little boy. His vocabulary builds more and more every day. He has even told Grandma Bradshaw that she needs to have cute is that?? Grandma has been great with him. She has been taking care of him every night for the past year, but that has changed. Since I got my new job I get to stay home with him in the afternoons, no more babysitter! However, he does miss grandma...

PS: This photo was taken July of 2010.

Quick Update

So just a quick update on our little family. We are still in Logan. Brent is working at Gossners and doing a few massages on the side. I just changed jobs. I no longer work at Convergys, yay! I know work for a small local company working on an industrial sewing machine. We manufacture packs for hiking/backpacking. Check out their site at

I should be wrapping up school in November and can't be more excited about that.

Anyway, that is our boring little family.